18. Yellow Bow Rooms (North)

Yellow Bow Rooms of Royal Pavilion


The next two rooms were the bedrooms of the King’s brothers, the Duke of York and the Duke of Clarence. They were restored in 1994, when they were returned to their original layout and the original décor was reinstated. They feature vivid yellow wallpaper, with ornate Oriental designs of dragons, suns and other motifs. Chrome yellow was not commercially available before 1818, so its use here was innovative and modern, as well as being very expensive.

The first room was the bedroom of the Duke of York. He was Commander in Chief of the British army and is thought to have inspired the famous nursery rhyme The Grand Old Duke of York.

Two massive hat boxes that stand in front of the bed were for plumed hats, while opposite is a Side Cabinet that was made for this room but disappeared, before turning up at auction in 1993.

When you are ready, continue into the south Yellow Bow Room.