2. Busking Spot

Where am I?

The busking spot is in the centre of the gardens.


Some people think they know the city, but they don’t know the city. At least not like this garden knows it. Since the 18th century, the Pavilion Gardens have morphed from being the exclusive playground of kings, courtiers and nobles, into the city’s own mini melting pot. Throughout the summer, the tourists come down, the pleasureseekers come down, the locals and the language students come down and it seems everyone of every sort is here, is passing or pausing or playing in the Pavilion Gardens. Think about where you are now. What season are you in? Who is around you? What do you think their story might be? Are there birds and buskers and baskers in the gardens, or do we have lamplight, the scent of lavender and the sounds of the city? Or none of these? One thing to remember is that the garden has seen it all before, and will still see more.