1. Indian Gate

Where am I?

This gate is at the southern entrance to the garden, facing in the direction of the sea.


Here, people come and people go. At this entrance to the gardens there are the four pillars and the dome of the Indian Gate. The style might seem similar to other things around here, but unlike other things, the Indian Gate actually has a claim to being Indian. During World War One, the Pavilion was a hospital for Indian soldiers and as a mark of their gratitude for the care they received, money was raised in India to pay for the gate. Though, who is it that should be grateful? Soldiers from half a world away came to Europe to fight and came here to recover. And some might say that caring for them was the least we could do, and it’s us that should be grateful to them. Maybe we need a gate in India from the people of Brighton, in a place where people come and people go.