4. Walkways near the William IV gate

Where am I?

These pathways are near the large gate at the north of the garden.


Why do we make gardens? Like the Pavilion itself, these gardens were designed to give the stroller the sense they might be somewhere else, somewhere a little different. Have you noticed there are no straight paths here? You see, this garden is not just about going through, but about going in, too. Sometimes there’s a hint of rosemary and the tang of tansy, there’s the tall trunk of the poplar and the low shade of the walnut. There are gardens which keep you out and gardens which let you in. And this place has been both. When it was for royalty, most of us would be kept out, but now this garden is about letting us in. So, maybe that’s one reason why we make gardens, because when we let people in, we go somewhere a little different.