3. Weeping Elm

Where am I?

The weeping elm can be found just outside of Brighton Museum, north of the Royal Pavilion.


Brighton is the city of the elm tree. No city in the entire world has as many elms as Brighton. Brighton is the capital of the elm and they’ve survived here in the city, whereas others have been wiped out by Dutch Elm disease. So the tree in front of you is special for more than one reason. Not only is it an elm, but it’s weeping. You’ve heard of the weeping willow, long associated with melancholy and sorrow. But a weeping elm? Let’s just say it’s a speciality of the gardens here. But why should we care about this tree, or any other for that matter? Well, research shows that trees can lower our stress hormones, and that we heal from injuries faster when we can see trees. So weeping or not, an encounter with this elm might just do you some good.