Using the audio guide

Tips on how to make the best use of our audio guide.

Accessing it on your phone

There are two ways in which you can access this guide with your mobile phone.

Web access

The audio tour can be found at

It can be accessed on any device with a web browser, although the design is optimised for use on mobile phones.


Both the website and app versions of this audio guide require a live data connection. You can use your personal 4G service or our WiFi.

To log onto our WiFi, please connect to the ‘museums-free’ and follow the prompts to log in. You will need to register with the service the first time you use it.

The audio guide has been kept fairly light, so data usage should be low. A visit following the Basic Tour should use no more than 30mb of data.

Listening to the content

We recommend bringing along your own headphone for use. For safety reasons we cannot loan any headphones to our visitors.

It is possible to listen to the audio guide by placing your phone near your ear, but please lower the volume so that it does not disturb other visitors.

Following a tour

The tour uses numbered ‘stops’ which follow the visitor route through the Royal Pavilion. You start at Stop 1 and then move to the next stop each time you see a sign.

Each stop on your phone will have a photograph to confirm where you should be when you listen to the audio.


The audio can be played through a small player with start and stop controls. The volume may need to be adjusted using the standard controls on your phone.

Below the audio player you will find two buttons. The green Next Stop button will take you to the next stop on the route. Once you have listened to a piece of audio, you should usually select this option and move to the next room.

The red All Stops button will take you back to the selection of stops for your chosen tour. This may be useful if you get lost or want to listen to a story again.

Each piece of audio is followed by a transcript. This is partly for those people who may be hard of hearing, but also for anyone who would prefer to read rather than listen.

Extra Content

The Extended and WW1 Hospital Tours contain additional content which requires more navigation.

Most of the stops on these tours have a menu at the top called More in this Room. This works like a table of contents. Select the piece of information you require and it will scroll down the page to that element.

Most of the elements are additional audio, which provide more detail about the story. They are also accompanied by a transcript.

Some stops also contain a Historic Image. This is usually a high resolution image of how the room in the Royal Pavilion used to look. 

You can use the + and controls to zoom in on the image and compare details with the room you see today. The square icon on the right will open up the image full-screen. Just click it again to return to the app.